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" If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams

Allianz - Ricky Horwitz

Ricky Horwitz

Chief Sales Officer, Americas and Global Travel

Ricky is a people-person who loves to travel—and since 1999 he has been helping us build trust and confidence between us, our partners, and our customers. At Allianz Global Assistance, Ricky has served in a number key management roles, including vice president of strategic partnerships for travel sales. In that position, he arranged for the first airline to offer our travel insurance products in its global booking path...and paved the way for us to partner with every other major U.S. carrier! Ricky’s expertise in strategic sales planning, new business development, and relationship management makes him a strong leader for his global travel sales team.

Ricky began building his relationship management skills by earning a BA in sociology from Virginia Commonwealth University and being the director of the family and camping services for the Richmond Jewish Community Center. He is now one of our company’s most seasoned travelers, and our resident foodie. This makes him a great travel companion. He is our go-to person for travel advice and an expert in the loyalty department. When Ricky is not on the go, he enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and two kids.

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Our Leadership Team

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Chief Executive Officer, USA

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Marketing Officer, 
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Chief Legal Officer, North America

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Chief, Business Execution and Performance

Apr 11, 2018