Allianz - Olympic & Paralympic Games
Olympic & Paralympic Games

Allianz is now the Worldwide Insurance Partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games from 2021-2028

Olympic & Paralympic Games
Allianz - Behind you for what's ahead

Kindness, unity, resilience, and the prevailing strength of the human spirit—the Olympic and Paralympic Games are the embodiment of those ideals. That's why Allianz is honored and proud to be its Worldwide Insurance Partner from 2021-2028.

This eight-year partnership officially began on January 1. The foundation of which builds from a collaboration with the Paralympic Movement dating back to 2006. While the Olympic and Paralympic Games highlight sport and competition on a global stage, they also provide evidence of our collective ability to face challenges head-on and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Whether competing as individuals or as a team, every athlete is part of a more significant community of trainers, friends, family, and support dedicated to helping them bring their very best to the forefront. That's the epitome of a purpose-driven group, and we can relate to that.

We take pleasure in putting our customers' and partners' needs first. We're glad to be the starting block, the springboard for wherever life, ambition, passion, and imagination takes you. Travel is more than getting from A to B. Travel is a journey to see what is, to discover if dreams and reality are compatible. It is a pursuit to make possibilities tangible. One that every athlete and their support team understands. No matter where they start or where they finish, it is the truths that are revealed in the journey that matters most. Whether it's a journey to the podium or a journey of self-discovery, getting there requires someone having their back—the way that we have yours.

As the Worldwide Insurance Partner, this spirit of unwavering support and collaboration is championed by our boisterous rallying cry—"Behind you for what's ahead."

Whether it's tackling the hurdles in front of you to help you reach the finish line or helping you stick the landing, we'll be there. We understand that reaching new heights requires raising the bar. We do that through world-class service and support. It is our honor to be there for our customers and partners through every setback, every accomplishment, and every defining moment. The assurance of knowing they are not alone is what helps these amazing athletes focus on what's ahead. It's epic level support that many of our partners and customers like you get to experience every day across the globe.

We look forward to supporting and helping elevate the pinnacle of competition, camaraderie, and global community service.

Apr 26, 2021