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The Comprehensive Guide to Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance
Allianz - Annual Travel Insurance

Buy one plan. Get protection for every eligible trip in the next 365 days. It’s that simple.

  • The two-week tour of Tuscany? Yes.
  • The beach rental in July? Yes.
  • The train ride to see your sister? Yes.
  • Even the last-minute cruise to Cozumel? Yes!

True to its name, an AllTrips annual travel insurance plan can protect all your trips: spontaneous or planned, long or short, business or pleasure, international or domestic. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the most from multi-trip insurance.

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Why Buy Annual Travel Insurance?

  1. An annual travel insurance plan may save you money. Are you planning three or more trips in the next 365 days? If so, then an annual plan might be cheaper than insuring each trip separately. You can check the numbers yourself: get travel insurance quotes for single-trip and multi-trip plans now.
  2. The more you travel, the greater the risk that something goes wrong. Even the best-planned trips can be ruined by circumstances beyond your control: big storms, snarled traffic, flight delays, a bad fall, a family emergency. Frequent travelers know that problems are inevitable — and when they do, travel insurance can save the day.
  3. An annual plan protects trips that you wouldn’t normally insure. Let’s say you rent a mountain cabin for a weekend trip, for a total cost of around $250. “Is buying travel insurance worth it?” you wonder. It’s just a short trip, and you don’t want to spend any extra money… but if you have to cancel last-minute, you’ll lose everything you spent.

    Having annual travel insurance means you never have to make that choice. All your trips — short or long, near or far — are covered, as long as your destination is 100 miles or more from your home.
  4. Annual travel insurance protects every trip as soon as you book it. To maximize your coverage window, the best time to buy travel insurance is immediately after you make your travel arrangements. But in real life, people procrastinate. You might wait a few weeks to insure your trip. You might even forget to buy insurance until you’re about to depart. That means your investment won’t be protected in case of a last-minute cancellation, and you may miss out on coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

    When you have an annual plan, you don’t have to worry. Trip cancellation benefits begin on your plan’s effective date, as long as we receive your premium before you cancel your trip or make a claim.
  5. Annual travel insurance can include rental car coverage. Each AllTrips plan includes up to $45,000 in rental car damage and theft coverage, whether you’re traveling in the U.S. or internationally. This means big savings for because rental car insurance can be a significant expense — especially in Europe. (Rental car damage and theft coverage, when purchased as part of an annual plan, is not available to KS, TX, and NY residents. For WA residents, rental car damage and theft coverage may not be available in all plans. See your plan details for additional information.)
  6. All of our annual plans include emergency medical benefits. While every travel insurance benefit is valuable, the most important are the ones that help you during a medical crisis. Emergency medical and dental benefits can reimburse you for covered medical expenses in case of a covered illness or injury. Emergency transportation benefits can pay for a medically necessary evacuation following a covered illness or injury. If you don’t have insurance, falling sick or getting injured overseas can be catastrophic and expensive.

Who Should Buy Annual Travel Insurance?

Older travelers: Here’s a secret many travelers don’t realize: Annual travel insurance is an especially good deal for people 65 and up. That’s because, unlike single-trip insurance plans, the cost of multi-trip plans is not affected by the traveler’s age. A 71-year-old traveler will pay the same as a 41-year-old traveler.

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Business travelers: Your friends think your on-the-go life is glamorous. You know the truth: business travel is a grind. The AllTrips Executive plan helps you bounce back when things go wrong by reimbursing your expenses for covered travel delays, misplaced luggage, and even lost or damaged business equipment.

Spontaneous travelers: People with flexible schedules can score savings on last-minute cruises and hotel stays. But travel deals like these often have strict cancellation policies, making travel insurance all the more important. A multi-trip plan automatically protects your trip as soon as you book it.

Road trippers: Because road trips tend to have few pre-paid expenses, people don’t bother to insure them. But travel delays, trip interruptions and medical emergencies can still wreck your plans — what then? An annual travel insurance plan protects you from those unexpected speed bumps.

Budget travelers: If you’re careful with your travel spending, then an AllTrips plan is a must. The expense is minimal, especially if you’re planning several trips. And travel insurance can protect you from unexpected expenses when you’re dealing with a medical emergency, lost bag, travel delay or other mishap.

Parents and grandparents: Did you know you can give an AllTrips plan as a gift? If your child or grandchild is an avid traveler, an annual insurance plan will accompany them everywhere they go, helping them when things don’t go as planned. You’ll enjoy more peace of mind, too.

Which Benefits Are Included in Annual Travel Insurance?

Every AllTrips plan includes the following benefits:

Some AllTrips plans also include:

  • Trip cancellation benefits, to reimburse your prepaid, non-refundable expenses if you have to cancel your trip due to a covered reason.
  • Trip interruption benefits, to reimburse you for the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and for the increased transportation costs it takes for you to return home due to a covered reason.
  • Business equipment coverage, to reimburse the repair, replacement and/or rental of business equipment that has been lost, stolen, damaged or delayed by your common carrier.
  • Change fee coverage, to reimburse fees if you change the dates on your airline ticket for a covered reason.
  • Loyalty program redeposit fee coverage, which reimburses fees charged for re-depositing loyalty program awards (such as frequent flyer miles) back into your account following a covered trip cancellation or interruption.

What’s the Best Annual Travel Insurance Plan?

Allianz Global Assistance offers four annual travel insurance plans. All of them include our award-winning 24-Hour Assistance services, which can help you find solutions to tough travel problems.

AllTrips Basic is the most economical multi-trip plan offered by Allianz Global Assistance. It includes post-departure benefits to protect you in case of baggage loss/damage/theft, travel delays, covered medical emergencies and more. It does not protect your travel investment with trip cancellation/trip interruption benefits.

AllTrips Prime includes all the benefits (with the same maximum limits) as AllTrips Basic, with the addition of trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits. There’s a limit of $3,000 for trip cancellation and trip interruption per person, per year

AllTrips Executive can protect business, pleasure and blended trips, with multiple tiers of coverage for trip cancellation and interruption up to $10,000. If your business equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed by an airline or other carriers, this plan can reimburse reasonable costs for equipment rental, replacement and/or repair.

AllTrips Premier can protect your entire household while you’re traveling. It offers four tiers of trip cancellation/trip interruption benefits, up to $15,000 per household, per trip, per year. 

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Tips for Buying Annual Travel Insurance

An AllTrips plan protects trips within a 365-day span (not a calendar year).

It’s wise to look ahead at your travel plans to make sure your trips will be protected. Your AllTrips plan takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on the day after we receive both your order and full premium payment (or on a future date you choose at the time of purchase). It ends at 11:59 p.m. local time on your coverage end date, unless you are on a trip. If you are on a trip, your coverage will end on the day you arrive at your point of origin or primary residence, or seven days after the coverage end date, whichever is earlier.

Trip cancellation and interruption benefit limits are per person, per year.

This is key! Each benefit in your AllTrips plan has a maximum dollar limit, depending on which plan you choose. For example, AllTrips Prime has a maximum limit of $20,000 in emergency medical benefits per insured person, per trip. So, if you incur $20,000 in emergency medical costs from a car accident while in Romania, and then another $20,000 in emergency medical costs from a hippopotamus attack on a trip to Botswana (bad luck!), both claims could be covered.

Trip cancellation/interruption is different: The maximum limit applies per person, per year. AllTrips Prime’s maximum trip cancellation benefit is $3,000. So, if you file a claim for $2,000 after canceling your Jamaican vacation, you only have $1,000 left to cover any other trip cancellations for the duration of your plan. Keep your total trip costs in mind when you’re choosing a plan.

AllTrips plans can cover losses resulting from pre-existing conditions.

We define a pre-existing medical condition as injury, illness, or medical condition that, within the 120 days prior to and including the policy purchase date:

  1. Caused a person to seek medical examination, diagnosis, care, or treatment by a doctor;
  2. Presented symptoms; or
  3. Required a person to take medication prescribed by a doctor (unless the condition or symptoms are controlled by that prescription, and the prescription has not changed).

With an AllTrips plan, you can be covered for losses due to a pre-existing medical condition if you were a U.S. resident when the policy was purchased and:

a. The trip was purchased during the coverage period; or

b. Your policy was purchased within 14 days of the date of the first trip payment or deposit.

Please read your plan documents for details.

Some trips may not be eligible for travel protection.

While there’s no limit on how many trips you take, most of our AllTrips plans have a 45-day limit on trip length. If you’re planning a longer journey, consider AllTrips Premier, a multi-trip plan that can protect trips up to 90 days, or OneTrip Emergency Medical, a low-cost single-trip plan that can protect trips up to 180 days in length. Also, travel insurance plans do not cover travel with the intent to receive health care or medical treatment of any kind, moving, or commuting to and from work.

Look at your options for protecting the whole family.

If your family is taking multiple trips together in the next 12 months, AllTrips Premier may be your best choice, because it can cover your entire household. But if you’re planning only one big family vacation, then you might opt for the single-trip OneTrip Prime or OneTrip Premier plan. Both cover kids 17 and under for free when they’re traveling with a parent or grandparent (not available on policies issued to Pennsylvania residents). 

Read your plan documents before you travel.

Travel insurance can do a lot, but it can’t cover every possible situation. Take some time to read your annual plan documents so you understand which situations, events, and losses can be covered, and which aren’t.

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The free Allyz® TravelSmart app is the easiest way to access your benefits when you’re traveling.

Allyz TravelSmart, available for iOS and Android, helps you contact Assistance, file a claim, get travel alerts and flight updates, find pre-screened medical facilities and more.

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